What have I learned from my weight loss failures?

“In 3 months I’m want to lose 10 kg and I will better than ever”.


I have said that for so many times and never succeeded. If only back then I had a knowledge like now and knew how much effort I waste on useless trying to get fit.

I had sat this goal for so many times and no matter what I did I always failed and got back to my old body.

There’s something painful about failure isn’t there? Especially repeated failure.

I really wanted to change how I look and how I felt about myself.  But I always missed out something that could really help me to get the results that I was always dreaming about.


The 3 Reasons I Kept Failing

  1. I was trying too hard – I was committing too many thing at the same time
  2. Again and again I was using the methods that didn’t work for me, because I didn’t had knowledge what I need
  3. What I was trying to do wasn’t going to last for long

Stop Starving And Start Eating Again

This is one thing that came to me as a surprise that I didn’t expect. It could seem really strange to eat more calories when you’ve been told all your life that the only way to lose weight is to minimize calories. But, for many, eating more is actually the key to losing more. Why? When you’re starving, the body slows things down, also –  it slows the burning of fat to save the energy. That was also my case. Too much starvation is not the key to a perfect body – remember that!


So in the end – how can you know exactly what to eat to get fit?

It’s simple – change your everyday habits to eating healthy. That’s it – you don’t have to do drastic starving or sweating in the gym for months. You just have to find out what your exactly body needs to get in perfect shape.

You can fill this test and get your meal plan here!
!!Remember  – it’s important that you are honest in your answers!!


Only Small Habits Can Change Your Body Forever!

What I’ve realized is healthy and slim people are really just normal people with healthy habits.

It’s not easy to change your habits. But you don’t have to do that all in one day! Also – it definitely doesn’t mean that you have to change your lifestyle. Here are 3 steps that will help you to succeed your goal:


1. Start small

Take a small step – try one thing at a time. For example – start your your new meal menu, but don’t start new sports at the same time. It will be a lot easier for you. Once you feel the need to do something more, you can start it later.


2. After 3 days tell your friends about your commitment

After 3 days you will feel confident with your new commitment. You will feel your first results of your new life. Tell your friends about it – that will inspire you more and it will keep you on the track to your goal!

3. Follow the plan

If you already have your meal plan, follow every step and don’t miss a thing. It’s important, especially at the start when your metabolism is changing! If you feel the need to make corrections to your daily meal plan, just write on chat to your nutritionist any time – she will be your support all the time in your adventure to your new life!


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