[EXCLUSIVE] From a piggy to a stunner – man loses weight with a method from Scandinavia

The new year has come and we want to introduce you to the amazing changes that John experienced last year! He used the famous Scandinavian method known as Stockholm Diet to lose astounding 25 kilograms of weight in a very short time and without exercising. Read the interview and find out about John’s experience and how you can also use this method to achieve your body goals right in the start of the year:

– What was your past experience with weight loss?

– Like everyone – I tried to eat less in the evenings, but during the day – healthier. For some time, I really thought it would help to keep my weight in line, but it didn’t help at all. Now I know that at the time, I lacked the knowledge of what it means – to eat properly. I was convinced that losing weight was a long, tedious and hard process, so I talked myself into the idea, that I don’t need to lose weight at all.  And so I continued to eat fatty foods, chips and sandwiches, but my stomach only continued to grow.


– Why did you decide to do something about it right now?

– On a beautiful Saturday morning I looked in the mirror and had to be honest with myself – a thick tummy made me look like a chimney! I honestly was disgusted by myself. My weight was 117 kilograms! I got angry at myself… I could not believe that I had allowed myself to get that lazy and unhappy. The weight made everything seem so heavy and this miserable view in the mirror was the last straw…


– Where did you learn about the Stockholm diet?

– My goal was to lose the weight quickly, but as healthy as possible. I enjoy my food, so fasting or starving was out of the question. I like to eat well and I think it’s normal for a man like me. I searched the Internet for diets that offered thought out meals and stumbled upon the Stockholm diet. I completed the test that allows an algorithm to calculate my meal plan and received it by email. But I also read through real stories and opinions from others about the positive experiences with the Stockholm diet. It seemed suspicious that everything in these stories complied with my requirements. At first, I really had doubts whether it was all just made up, but decided that this is my chance to try out something new and maybe something will come out of it! And quite frankly, I’m very happy that I went on with it (laughs)!

Editor’s note: fill in the test free of charge on the site StokholmDiet.com and receive your own meal plan! 


– How did it go, was it easy?

– The plan I received contained recipes and plans for each meal and each day. Everything was simple and understandable, even for me! So I grabbed the bull by its horns and just started following the plan. Already in the first days of my diet, I was taken aback because the weight had dropped and it was obvious not only because I weighed myself daily, but also because my clothes felt loose. That is when I figured out how Scandinavians stay fit and looking good! (laughs) In the first week I lost 6 kilos and, with each time stepping on the scales, I became happier. I felt an increase of energy and there was a desire to move more. And yes, my result is astounding 25 kilograms of lost weight! What is more – a completely different view on myself and life in general. I have not experienced anything like this for so long! I quite literally feel younger and like a new man!


– What would you recommend to someone who is overweight right now?

– Listen – take the weight issue seriously! Go to the page and get your own, personalised plan and then just follow the directions. Yes –  it is just that easy!!!! Even in my dreams I did not imagine myself returning to this weight and level of well-being. I feel like I’ve escaped from the pit! Regularly I receive praises and compliments about how well I look. I have become an example for many friends who, in the light of my changes, have also turned to the Stockholm diet. The results are satisfying every time. I hope that I can inspire you and you will try. My experience with easily lost 25 kilos is a guarantee that it works for everyone!



This is your time to shine and finally lose those pesky few pounds that linger and never leave!


The Stockholm Diet was made in Scandinavia and it uses calculations from your daily eating habits to make an individual meal plan that will help you lose weight in a healthy, foolproof and quick way! Best of all? The lost weight will not come back, guaranteed! 

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